HARLEQUIN OR CHOSEN: The Up Close Look to Quiapo’s Messengers

Friday is known to be the day of devotion in Quiapo Church. Thousands of Black Nazarene’s believers visit the church to give praises and also, send their wishes and prayers. But the huge crowd is not the only reason why this day is really special from the other, because it is the day when the “chosen ones” spread the news.

They might be freak in a glance because of what they are wearing. Fashion experts would be disgusted to see how they are being dressed. But I know that they have their reasons for wearing those weird clothes. I know that these old men have a purpose of doing this such thing.

I came near to where they sit and asked what their names are. Instead of saying their birth names, they introduced themselves as “San Miguel”, “San Simon Apostol” , “Kordero ng Diyos” and “Kristong Hari.” They say that they are the instruments of God here on Earth that they come here to do their mission — to inform the people what God wants.

“Ang suot naming ay kasuotan noong panahon ni Moises,” Kordero ng Diyos said after I asked them why they are wearing that kind of clothes. According to them, as followers of Christ, they should dress like Jesus and Mary.

They go in Quiapo every Friday to spread God’s words. Like the rumors we had last year, they believe that the end of the world is approaching near. “Ang paghuhukom ay magaganap na…” Kristong Hari said.

Believing in God’s Words will be our only key to be saved and to have an eternal life based on these four “messengers.” They are convincing the people to do what is right before the judgment day arrives. “Magpakabanal kayo!” Kordero ng Diyos adviced.

They said that God communicates to them through Kristong Hari’s dream. And according to them, our Lord is not happy of how we are living in this world so He’s ending it all up soon.

The environmental tragedies like storms, earthquakes, floods and even the war at some places of the world are all signs of the world’s nearing end.

Kordero admits that they have millions of followers , “Maliligtas sila.” He said.

The group is doing this “mission” since 1981 and will continue to spread the news until the judgment day comes.

I know that many people wonder if it is true, that God had chosen these four to warn us on what we should do.  I feel it on how some stare us as I conduct my interview with them. I know that many questions raise their minds and I know that many think that they are just insane doing that. But instead of thinking if it is real or not, we should start making things better until we have our time. Who knows?  That the time we spend for nothing could be a great time to do His will.



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